Extreme Dance Studio Inc.

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New format!  Audition routine and skills will be posted on our facebook group, Extreme Dance Online classes. 
If your not already a member, request to join. Audition routine and skills will be posted on Sept. 12, 2020. 
On audition day, Monday, September 14th at 5 pm, students will perform the routine and skills in groups of 5.
Audition fee is $25 per person. 

Requirements to join our team;

Attendance at our skills and event training camp on Sept. 21,22,23,& 24 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm
          8 hours of training. Camp is 125.00 due on September 21. 

Saturday Company meets 2 Saturdays (1st and 3rd Sat) of the month. 

Every dancer must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or chaperone for every performance event.

Dancers must maintain good class attendance, a positive attitude and display grace and kindness towards others.

Classes requirements for Companies
          9 - 12 Jazz Company                    9 - 12 Jazz Class, Jazz Company Class, Saturday Company Class

          Teen / Adult Jazz Company          Teen / Adult Jazz Class, Jazz Company, Saturday Company Class

          9-12 Hip Hop Company                 9-12 Hip Hop Class, 9-12 Hip Hop Company Class, Saturday Company 

          Teen / Adult Hip Hop Company     Teen / Adult Hip Hop Class, Teen / Adult Hip Hop Company, Sat. Co

          Ballet Company                             Teen / Adult Ballet Class, Ballet Company Class, Saturday Company

          Modern Company                          Modern Class, Modern Company Class, Saturday Company

Please fill out the questionnaire on the bottom of the page and click submit. 

Performance dates and venues are TBD. 

We are tentatively scheduled for Universal Studios, June 24, 25 & 26, 2021. 

Thank you for your interest in joining our dance company family!! We are glad you're here!

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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